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About us

Shahran are the keepers of an ancient recipe that was passed on from a Shahran tribe in Yemen. Since 1950, Shahran has been safeguarding this secret recipe, treasuring its inimitable ulations and preserving its flavor for all time to come. The recipe traversed deserts and plains from Yemen, travelling into Hyderabad, reinventing a rich Hyderabad cuisine. Shahran carried this legacy of taste into Dubai in 2010 and has been cherished as the finest Hyderabad cuisine. Savour the rich heritage and rediscover an ancient era at Shahran -a legacy of fine taste.


Shahran is one of the oldest and largest tribes in Arabia and a direct offspring of Qahtan, the origin of Qahtani Arabs. In the early centuries, one of the descendants of Shahran migrated to Hyderabad in India, taking along a secret recipe that redefines Hyderabad cuisine with a infusion of Arabic culture. The penchant for food led the later generations to enter a cosmopolitan business, setting a chain of restaurants that combined Indian and Arabic hospitality. The secret recipe crossed boundaries into the gulf, making its presence in UAE in 2010. Ever since Shahran has become the epitome


Witness a magnificent reinterpretation of the past, where inviting arcs and fine carvings accentuate a royal dining experience. Relive the relaxed, long-conversed meals on billows that transport you back in time. A majestic chair fit for a noble beckons you to reimagine the royal life.


The flavours of an ancient era are reinvented in unique presentations capturing the essence of a noble era. Silver and copper preserve the traditions of fine taste, while antique reinterpretations infuse the grandeur of a bygone era. A culinary discovery leads you to signature dishes, breathtaking mocktails and unforgettable desserts.